Libra 2019 Monthly Horoscope

It’s Libra Month 2019, and what that means is this is the time to relax a little bit, enjoy time with friends & family and welcome a little more balance and leisure into your life.

Libra Season encourages us to look at the world a little more equitably. What is just and fair? So often we let ourselves be fueled by our own wants and desires without really looking at the bigger picture or impact. For instance, perhaps we should shop less fast fashion and more sustainable and ethical fashion—You see cheap necklaces for $25, it'd be more worth your time & money buying a sterling silver necklace for $90 that would stand the test of time. It's like if that sequin top that I know I’ll probably wear only once costs $25 while a basic tee made from recycled materials costs $75. I may want that sequin top, but do I really want it, considering its impact on this earth? (The answer is no.)

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So, how do we balance our feelings with what is right and just? The simple truth: It is really, really hard, and there is usually always room for improvement.

Something that will help all the signs this month (and beyond) is to remember that feelings aren’t facts. Just because someone was being unfair and made you sad doesn’t mean that that their criticism is now an indisputable truth. The best way to regulate our feelings and make sure we don’t become huge, scary monsters is to be mindful of our thoughts. If we can reach and change our thoughts before they become emotionally charged, we have a better chance at avoiding knee-jerk reactions or unnecessary conflict. 

Focusing on our thoughts and reflecting on what we spend time thinking about actually gives us more mental space. It gives us room to be imperfect without judgement, which is something we all desperately need. This October, all signs would do well to remind themselves that your thoughts determine your feelings. And if you want to be happier, that’s where you should start.

Keep this ring as a reminder of your happiness & serenity.

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