Philanthropy & Eco-Friendly Initiative

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The W Brothers are donating 10% of every ring & necklace purchase to the ADAA (Anxiety and Depression Association of America) to raise awareness of depression in the United States. We are aiming to assist all those without a voice who need their confidence and potential re-inspired. Push yourself to dress your style in complete expressive & free fashion. Do & wear what makes you happy without hurting others.


Each horoscope/zodiac bears the strengths, weaknesses, future, and potential of each and everyone. So when you wear our Horoscope Ring, remember the most important thing of all is to wear your fashion & jewelry confidently. 


Go green initiative thewbros eco friendly packaging green packaging

The W Brothers take pride in our environmental & social consciousness. We now incorporate green packaging, AKA 100% eco-friendly biodegradable packaging. To lower the risk of pollution, our materials for packaging and manufacturing procedures are biodegradable with low impact to the environment & energy consumption.
With green packaging, we eliminate the contaminant chemicals that destroy the natural water, earth & atmosphere of our planet.



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