Scorpio 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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The new moon in Scorpio has so much depth in store for us this month. For Scorpios, it's time to come out of your cave to be more social. Share yourself. Choose you words carefully & collect your thoughts, allow your wisdom to attract more positivity & success to your life. Everyone knows that Scorpio is one of the most magnetic signs of the zodiac, and you’ll certainly be feeling extra marvelous now throughout the end of the year!

This Scorpio 2019 Season is all about personal finances, material possessions, and self-worth.

You’ll have no problem tapping into your personal divine wisdom, as Neptune (the planet of fantasy and illusion) gets activated several times throughout November & December. All water signs will feel this divine wisdom more as Neptune is the God of the sea. Neptune is currently occupying your Fifth House, the area of your chart connected to arts & creativity, so get ready for plenty of eureka moments in the months ahead. This month will promote your artistic pursuits so pick up a paintbrush or craft some jewelry. This sky serves as a green light from the universe: You feel understood, supported, and empowered to make meaningful contributions. This is auspicious, Scorpio, so embrace the opportunity.

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November Horoscopes 2019

Capricorn ♑

Don't fear the unknown. It's time for an adventure. Once again, your challenge is for your ambition to beat out your insecurities. You're professional, successful, and you always get things done, but sometimes you forget that others have a life, too. Remember that both you and your partner have work obligations. All of us, not just you, are trying to make a living and do it all. Avoid confrontations by tapping into your empathetic side and wishing your love interest words of encouragement.

This season is all about going to parties and making bold, confident moves. Are you up for the task? Don't be afraid to ask for support from your partner and friends.

Aquarius ♒

You are independent, and you're totally fine being on your own. However, your love interests may demand a bit more commitment and time from you. The best way to avoid power struggles is to be crystal clear in your communication. Keep a notebook handy, as you'll likely come to some stark realizations this month regarding wealth and money.

There will be plenty of social events for you to show off the visionary that you are. Networking is one of your great talents, and people enjoy innovative conversations with you. Wealth doesn't always refer to money, it's having an abundance of whatever makes you feel alive.


Don't be afraid to be selfish & concentrate on yourself. You're typically known for your imagination, little fish, but today your creative abilities are out of control. Funnel them into your work to feel a sense of accomplishment. You deserve that.

Say yes to social invitations during the full moon on Tuesday, November 12. Sometimes you can't see how brilliant and artistic you are, but those around you can. Flirt, eat, and accept flattery. Better yet? Believe it.

This transit can open professional doors for you and lead to dreamy opportunities. Don't be afraid to grab power when it comes your way. Your talent is extreme, but you often need encouragement to make it happen.

Aries ♈

You're the first sign of the Zodiac, and you like to be first. However, this aspect brings power struggles, which means someone else is going to be trying your patience or taking your credit. You're not afraid of confrontation, so go ahead and call them out, but watch out for that impulsive temper that can get you into trouble.

Your headstrong nature and laser point focus often keeps you in the present, interested in what's going on at this very moment. As a result, it can be hard for Aries to see the forest for the trees. In both your professional and private life, make it a goal this season to consider the bigger picture before making any major decisions.

Taurus ♉

Professionally, you may feel like you're fighting for your worth, only to be shut down by others who are simply too busy to hear you out. It's a frustrating feeling, but it's also an opportunity to put that signature Taurus persistence to good use. Fight for what you deserve, because no one else will.

You will see your intentions manifest into reality on Tuesday, November 12 during a full moon in your sign. Small actions you make during this powerful time will have lasting power, so ask for that raise or say yes to another interview. Focus on the present & don't text your ex. Think with your head and your heart, even though you've been feeling a little horny as a result of Scorpio season.

Gemini ♊

Lean into your creative side and continue your winning streak on Friday, November 8, as the Sun trines Neptune, creating a fruitful environment for artistic expression. Even if you're not in a creative field, you can still use your imagination to score points in your career. You're a fabulous multi-tasker, but once in a while, you could benefit from slowing down.

You can be a force of love and a force of destruction, but spread some of that signature charm with the people you love the most with family & friends. At times you may get wrapped up with who's who, and base your social and dating life on who can offer you the most. Make sure to appreciate those who've always seen you.

Cancer ♋

Spend the first few days of November resting up and conserving your energy. You tend to side-step, just like a crab, but now you must move forward. Speak clearly and directly to be heard in both your professional and personal life. Work is busy and the demands on you are high. Tuesday, November 12, spend this night in nurturing your creative side. Paint, make music or write — whatever brings you joy. Yes, decorating your home counts. 

Sometimes we have to stop working to recharge & be great at what we do. It's okay to scuttle away from bad tempers. Chase down pursuits of travel and higher learning. Are you down to skip town for the holidays? Cancers get a homebody reputation, but your ability to make a home anywhere also makes you an ideal travel companion. Gather your friends and do something spontaneous.

Leo ♌

This month means many opportunities to show off that Leo charm with fresh new faces. This favorable aspect will light a fire under any creative or professional endeavors you're working on. Go ahead and pitch that project, email your dream company, and go for your dreams. Just double check spelling as Mercury retrograde is in effect.

Having fun is grand, but are you ready for something serious? A new strategy is in order. Conversations about home, family, and the past are heavy at this time, and an important realization about these themes occurs as the sun meets Mercury retrograde on November 11. When you know what you want, you go for it, Leo, and you do it with originality and flare. 

Virgo ♍

During this lunation, work on relaxing. Everything is going to be okay. Direct your energy towards a craft you enjoy, whether it's making jewelry, painting, or decorating your home. Do some deep breathing and remember that just like the tides, all of life ebbs and flows.

Though you should definitely make time for your friends and family, there's no shame in using downtime to get ahead for the upcoming new year. Dive deep into any creative or professional projects you have been waiting to put your energy toward. Honest reflection is healthy, but be careful not to be too critical, dear Virgo.

Libra ♎

If you're single, treat yourself with self-love; abundance is not only for those in relationships. As a Libra, you crave companionship — you are the sign of partnership. Remember that it is healthy to be by yourself once in a & enjoy them while they last. You never stay single for long.

Turn on your signature Libra charm and you'll quickly find many networking opportunities will come your way. In fact, at times your professional life and social life may feel like one and the same. You're on fire, and everyone wants to work with you.

Circle Monday, November 25 in your calendar. Your ruling planet, Venus, enters professional-minded Capricorn. Abundant career news comes your way. Your hard work is paying off and dreams are coming true, so make sure you take the time to enjoy it.

Sagittarius ♐

It's a good time to get comfy and stay in. Invite your friends over around this time. On Tuesday, November 12, there's a full moon in luxurious Taurus. Bring out the wine, cheese, and flowers (cannabis counts) to have a cozy dinner party. As always, you will be the center of attention and have a captivated audience for your stories.

Avoid conflict for a few days, as many of us will feel emotional, paranoid, and even jealous. Sometimes it is best to say nothing. You're good at making money. You're also pretty good at spending it. What do you spend it on, and who do you spend it with? As the end of the year approaches, big questions occupy your mind. In particular, you may notice that making money doesn't feed you like it used to. Sure, you still want some, but what you really want is someone to enjoy the fruits of your labor with.


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Channel your Zodiac sign as a way to increase your confidence. Enable yourself to know your strengths & weaknesses and unlock your full potential.


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