Health Benefits of Our Silver

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Health Benefits of Our Silver

The W Brothers' mission is to create timeless jewelry that ignites an individual's confidence using only the purest sterling silver on the market. Our pride is crafting with A Grade Sterling Silver that's non-recycled & contains no nickel or lead content for those who bear sensitive skin. Pure Sterling Silver is exceptionally soft & has many universal health perks that can benefit every person. Natural Silver aids in fighting infections, arthritis, skin rash conditions, prevents cold/flu & overall supercharging your immune system through its bacteria destroying properties. The extent of the known benefits of this natural metal's ions has been tested with more to be discovered.

We purify our silver to leave no harmful metals or toxic chemicals in our jewelry to make sure it's 100% hypoallergenic to all of our important customers. We do this to ensure premium quality for all our pieces & to provide the whitest shade of silver inside and out. This also allows our silver jewelry to be very glossy & comfortable to wear on the skin. See our customer's genuine reviews here.

Did you know that if sterling silver is exposed to oxygen, high temperatures, or simply not worn for a period of time, the silver will turn a darker shade of silver & oxidize? This is a very common misconception that has simple solutions. Some people even prefer the oxidized finish. You can clean the silver by using baking soda, white vinegar, & a cloth. Mix baking soda w/ vinegar for a thick solution that you will sternly scrub with the cloth! Other options are purchasing an inexpensive Silver Polishing Cloth that we offer, or you can directly ship us your piece & we will graciously polish & perfect it for you for FREE.

Sterling Silver isn't just visually appealing, it's widely used in hospitals from medical devices & tools to dressing wounds. Natural Silver can fight infections, prevent cold/flu, & can even aid in wound healing. In the Middle Ages, the wealthy identified poison & acidic toxins through sterling silverware.

Backed by clinical research at UCLA, Syracuse, & many more, silver kills bacteria & virus cells as it binds, inactivates, & breaks down viral DNA and bacteria cells. UCLA Dr. Larry C. Ford, MD discovered silver kills over 650 bacteria, viruses, fungi, & molds. Syracuse Surgeon Robert O. Becker, MD discovered that silver not only killed the infectious microorganisms responsible for the disease but also triggered a remarkable level of cellular repair and the re-growth of human tissue.

Scientists found that sterling silver can destroy 99.9% of all bacteria, viruses & other pathogens. -Silver Health Institute

Silver is the main substance in some deadly pathogen antidotes. Research shows exposing silver to most pathogens (including fungus & mold) for only 3-6 minutes will kill them. Well-known added benefits of silver include alarming the body of toxins when your silver turns suddenly dark. That is why kings, queens, & emperors all wore & used silverware to guard against poison like arsenic.

There are many proven cases that silver helped reduce the condition of psoriasis and eczema skin rash conditions. The parts that silver touched treated the symptoms of the individual. Silver demonstrates antibacterial & antiviral effects for virtually every surface & tissue of the body. -Dr. Bryan Frank, MD

Not only that, silver helps alleviate arthritis & reduces swelling. Lance Armstrong wore silver-embedded clothing during the Tour de France to control inflammation and promote healing.


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