How To Order A Custom Jewelry Piece

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The W Brothers customization jewelry customized pendant earrings rings necklaces chains cufflinks cuff bracelets rings sterling silver gold vermeil jewelry

The W Brothers believes the best & most meaningful jewelry are pieces made by and for you. Your jewelry should be as unique as the people or memories that inspire you!

Our team of professionals & high level technology ensures accurate and alluring customized jewelry. Our artists provide you with a sketch to make sure sizing, design, color, & all other factors are to your satisfaction.

We will need an image, description, or idea of your desired piece. Then decide the type of jewelry such as pendant, coin pendant, ring, cuff bracelet, cuff-links, earrings, silverware, etc. Let us know if you have a size in mind and we will help quote you and formulate the best piece based on your budget.

Each custom piece varies on time of completion but we aim to complete every customized order in 2-3 weeks, excluding shipping time.

Our team loves to design and will bring your piece to life as we have with Blizzard (WoW), YouTubers, artists, and many more in the past. Contact us at and we will take care of you!


  • We have a pendant already, for our sport’s memorabilia, can you mass produce? Also it’s made of Silver..can you spice it up in gold diamonds..

    Sudan Mahmoud
  • I would love to have a custom-made pendant
    Cloven Brown
  • I would love to have a custom-made pendant
    Cloven Brown
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