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The W Brothers Why Customize with us? #1 pioneer in customized silver and gold jewelry. TheWBros custom jewelry 925 sterling silver 18k solid gold custom jewelry fashion jewelry custom design ring pendant necklace chain earrings bracelet cuff-links order

Why should you choose The W Brothers to customize your jewelry?

It's pretty simple, we are the #1 pioneer in customized silver jewelry with over 20 years of experience behind our shop & factory. We use the highest degree of creative design, technology & 3-D modeling executed by the most precise hand-craftsmanship for each unique jewelry piece made. Silver is an affordable, malleable & beautiful metal to use with bonus health benefits & antibacterial properties.

Our specialization includes Real 18k Gold & 18k Rose Gold for brilliant authentic finishes to our custom masterpieces. We are a certified partner of Swarovski. Feel free to add our brilliant tri-toned crystals into any pendant, ring, bracelet, earrings, etc. Or go with the classic & engrave your piece with a name or message.

We also accommodate solid 18k & 22k yellow gold/white gold/rose gold & AA Grade 100% authentic gemstones & diamonds for a premium experience & quality for custom jewelry.

Your Vision, Our Execution. Start Today!

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