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The W Brothers Why Customize with us? #1 pioneer in customized silver and gold jewelry. TheWBros custom jewelry 925 sterling silver 18k solid gold custom jewelry fashion jewelry custom design ring pendant necklace chain earrings bracelet cuff-links order

Why should you choose The W Brothers to customize your jewelry?

It's pretty simple, we are the #1 pioneer in customized silver jewelry with over 20 years of experience behind our shop & factory. We use the highest degree of creative design, technology & 3-D modeling executed by the most precise hand-craftsmanship for each unique jewelry piece made. Silver is an affordable, malleable & beautiful metal to use with bonus health benefits & antibacterial properties.

Our specialization includes Real 18k Gold & 18k Rose Gold for brilliant authentic finishes to our custom masterpieces. We are a certified partner of Swarovski. Feel free to add our brilliant tri-toned crystals into any pendant, ring, bracelet, earrings, etc. Or go with the classic & engrave your piece with a name or message.

We also accommodate solid 18k & 22k yellow gold/white gold/rose gold & AA Grade 100% authentic gemstones & diamonds for a premium experience & quality for custom jewelry.

Your Vision, Our Execution. Start Today!

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  • The worst they tell 1 thing then when it’s time for them to deliver something else comes up they play alot of game still waiting for my order after they lied Abt when it supposed to be shipped

    Iquan Wiggins
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