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The W Brothers Diamond Horse Pendant is our premiere pendant finely crafted and designed in our Horse Collection. It features a standing brilliant horse pendant fully set with diamonds in fashion and grace. Available in 10K, 14K, 18K Solid Gold and 925 Sterling Silver....

10K Solid Gold
14K Solid Gold
18K Solid Gold
925 Sterling Silver
925 Sterling Silver (Gold Plated)

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Blue Baguette White Lion Piece 18k Solid White Gold, VS1 Diamonds, Blue Baguettes + Emeralds. A Guaranteed Yes is what we expect from every custom jewelry.  This piece speaks for itself, complete 3D centerpiece, pendant, or broach. Our diligent design...


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For centuries, tennis bracelets have served as a symbol of power & grandeur. TheWBros Diamond Tennis Bracelet is an iconic representation of that. Our diamond bracelet is hand-sculpted to order to ensure the highest quality of SI Clarity Diamonds, &...

Solid 18K Yellow Gold
Solid 18K White Gold
Solid 18K Rose Gold

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Introducing our 15.5 mm Cuban Chain Bracelet in 18k Solid Gold, available in Solid Yellow Gold, White Gold, or Rose Gold. We source only pristine quality of solid gold & precisely polished to perfection. All of our high-quality pieces meet...

7 IN (153.1 grams)
7.5 IN (164.1 grams)
8 IN (175 grams)
8.5 IN (185.9 grams)
9 IN (196.9 grams)
9.5 IN (207.8 grams)
10 IN (218.8 grams)
18K Solid Yellow Gold
18K Solid White Gold
18K Solid Rose Gold