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The W Brothers began with a fiery passion from Webber & Warren: two brothers & their team with a vision of jewelry, fashion, & value. We've trained around the globe in Europe, Asia, USA, and we've assembled the best team that can create any type of custom jewelry in any capacity.

We believe every single person should own a jewelry piece as a representation of who they are & what they stand for.

Jewelry is an expressive piece that holds value beyond just one lifetime and it should be treated with care & respect. The family & factory behind The W Brothers have 20+ years of design experience and hold some of the largest contracts in fashion industry.

We know the importance of trust, image, and quality. Our work has requested by celebrities, YouTubers, and brands all across the world. Furthermore, our custom pieces and unique signature jewelry has been featured in magazines & YouTube channels.

Talk to us today about starting your custom design. We specialize in turning your imagination into reality with precise accuracy & quality. We'll always add our touch from time to time to provide you the strongest options & enhance your custom jewelry to its full potential.

Imagination has No Limits

The W Brothers


  • Would like to buy the charm while the chain is free I think that’s a hellva deal

  • Id like a custom pendant designed .. but i waNt to sPeak to a rep personal

    Lenin aViles
  • Great job on my T-Man pendant 🔥🔥🔥🔥👍👍👍👍 #ThaManTheyCallT

    TOMMIE Hlll
  • WHICH MONTH duliveary



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