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The W Brothers offer lifetime maintenance but we want you to maintain your pure sterling silver jewelry for as long as you can. At least the added health benefits of our silver will always stay with you to improve your wellness.

Congratulations on investing into your fashion & health!

Sterling Silver Aftercare:

Do NOT wear in hot springs. Extreme heat will oxidize and give silver a dark look.

Avoid chemicals, lotions, chlorine, & lots of sweat can tarnish and corrode the brilliant shine you love in your silver.

Long periods of air exposure can oxidize silver, try to keep it worn or in a closed dry box.

Best to remove jewelry: 

  • When exercising, at the gym, or playing contact sports
  • Household chores, such as dishes, laundry, and when using cleaning supplies
  • Ocean salt can scratch soft silver
  • Hot tubs or saunas
  • When getting ready (i.e: putting on lotion, makeup, hair products)
  • Preparing, cooking, or eating foods that contain sulfur (this includes eggs & mayonnaise). 
  • Outside chores or tasks, such as gardening 

    You can purchase our Silver Polishing Cloth which shines & adds anti-tarnish barrier.

    Preventative care is ALWAYS easier than aftercare!


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